A Potential TMI Situation @ Platform Studios

It was for certain

& the humiliation followed me

all the way to my pillow–

that the reason


hailed this pose


for the crotch shot

that they got.

Then this guy put clothes on me.

So maybe not.

: ) ( : 


Phyllis at Evanston Art Center, January 24

You’re seeing my tits today in honor of the Artist who drew this, Phyllis.

The first to roll into the classroom yesterday Phyllis was escorted by Donald, her care giver.

The Evanston Art Center tends to draw in women of the North Shore, but none with the clout of the one whom I had the pleasure of working with yesterday.

When taking a picture of her drawing she instructed clearly that she not be in it. This saddened me.

Throughout the course she let me know time & again what pleasure she was having.

Her work is simple & captivating.

I appreciate my job for reasons like Phyllis. For our time together allowed her to transcend life in a wheelchair.

Audience response far & wide have alerted me that I do! convey a positive energy when sitting upon the stage.

My time on the stand has provided the space to work on my own emotional body.

Now, we focus on grounding.

 Life is truly a Blessing.

: ) ( :

Just the Way you are

How often do we simply show up to find that THAT’S enough?

One day, I did!!

The Instructor came in and said–    Just do your thing Lady. 

Alright, I will.

This Thor was granted a reprieve from “working.” As a result, she spent the better part of three hours doing “the Work.”

Processing uncomfortable relationship situations. Getting ahead on drawing out the her grand vision & strategic agenda for 2017. And, reading up on Boundaries.

Blessings Abound for those who are open to receiving the bounty. Calibrating one’s perception can be tricky. In the end, All are Worthy.

: ) ( :