Totem Carly


The Intuitive Direction, of young artistic women, is certainly amazing.

This particular picture, however,– a group effort, is oh! so suiting.

Carly the Capricorn.   Malleable like an octopus.

Pisces rules the feet, because it’s important that we remain grounded in our Spirituality.

: ) ( :

Nasty Women

Over 1,300 people lined up and waited throughout the evening, just to enter the building, of Moonlight Studios, on May 5th, 2017.

All in favor of supporting Planned Parenthood– a public response to the recent change in political climate.

A few months prior to that, This Model, answered a Craiglist ad– opening a door to an evening of “tasteful nude” photography. Emphasizing the female form.

Hanging out nakey with a crew of similarly aged ladies was right up my alley!

Kara Wackrow is the Lovely & Talented Photographer.

It was so much fun!!

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