Drunk on Love leads to Hard Falls

The impatient patient slept soundly, with only a sheet for a blanket.

While Max sat, straight up– exhausted. Alone.

She wondered if he was cold beneath that hospital gown.

Love Struck is a boozy cocktail— so sugar coated that you fool yourself, into the “good idea” of having another.
Ignorant of tomorrow’s hangover.

Wearing thin, Max asked if it was necessary that someone (she) be there, in order to release him.
The Nurse was shocked by the question.
She assured Max, that she was doing her best to move his case forward.

Soon, you’ll be out the door.” She said.

Sure enough, this was true.

Three weeks later, Max was given the slip.
The formerly known “Mr. Persistent” straight dipped!!

While his gratitude for that institutionalized evening is yet to be enlisted.

So long– Good riddance.

Hard lessons prove the worthiness of one’s own Intuition.

: ) ( :


Dreams of Lovers long gone


Recently, I let a Lover go.

This was an important task because my Heart had instructed me to do so.

My dreams guided me to him. My pride rushed the gate when my Heart begged me to wait.

Friends they say…

Last a lifetime. Lovers come & go.

Before tucking myself in goodnight, I said a prayer with all my might that his heart be alright.

Behind closed eyes deep in slumber I once again met my Lover walking hand in hand with another.

The two of them crossed my path then turned their backs.

A longing of his my Guide explained, turned true to reality thanks to the boost of confidence gained through our being, our meeting, from the light that shines brightly on him, by me.

What’s left then for me?

This you see. Poetry.

: ) ( : 

Max Meets a Dragon

Max stood up straight from her lean against the kitchen sink.

Stepping forward  she began to make her way through the dining room. After a few steps she stopped still turning slightly to look upon a wall of plants standing guard of a gritty window.

Their enduring presence soothed her.

She gazed out. Seeing how the light managed its way through the dirty windows to land upon the leaves.

Her Mother had given her all the tools needed to clean these windows. Alas, they may never be washed, she thought. Staring deeply into the world that sat quietly before her, still listening to the voice on the other line.

Sometimes becoming so ensconced in the visions of her mind that the room disappeared altogether .

She motioned towards the desk where upon the radio sat. Took a lap around the table then turned again to head back into the kitchen.

Hooked at the heart center by the stranger whose voice was speaking to her.

Wonderful, she said. See you then. Max’s index finger found a resting place in the center of the screen ending the call.

The Thunder Rolled out across the room through the radio waves.  She once again crossed through the dining room. Standing before the desk she opened the drawer on the left revealing a pack of cigarettes. Breathe said the voice in her head. Looking down at the pack that stared at her back. The two spent a moment locked in with one another. Squinting her eyes, she suddenly let out a bellowing sigh. Closing the drawer as she took a quarter turn towards the living room.

My life in 5 Chapters she thought.

Seeing the hole in the middle of the road doesn’t always keep one from falling in.

Fingers crossed that this tight rope walker is able to keep her balance.

: ) ( : 

Slow Rollin # 3

Now, if you remember from before, Little Lady had takin’ a liking to this Slow Rollin’ Cowboy. When the Temptress down the street suddenly moved in.

Little Lady just so happens to be on any particular day the exact opposite of slow rollin’. Perhaps her being a city slicker explains the pace at which she walks down the street, even if it is on a Sunday.

Really though, she’s just a bit of a lightning bolt, who is learning how to take life slow. 

Just before meeting Mr. Slow Rollin’, Little Lady had taken on a fancy new title: Story Facilitator.

Yes! Little Lady decided that she has what it takes to continue Listenin’ to people tellin’ their stories. And to weave a road in which each Individual is able to then see themselves as the Hero.

Turning their story into one for the greater whole. More commonly referred to as myth or a metaphor.

One of the finer points to this story is that these two connected on the idea of story facilitating. Slow Rollin’ may even have helped her coin the term with his own lookin’ for someone to facilitate his. Being a man of Adventure Travel n’ all.

Which at first was mighty exciting…

It is true that on his first stop through Little Lady had already given her hand to another. As time would tell though, it is very important for Little Lady to take things slow, so she had to let that one go.

And, while it is also important for Little Lady to remain standin’ on her own.  Hearing Slow Rollin’ conceal his stayin’ with another without mentioning just who that Temptress was by name simply made her blood boil.


It’s also possible that Little Lady has the tendency to take a greater liking to the things that are just out of reach.

This has only been mentioned to her once or twice by a close Friend, so no one is for certain on the Truth of this matter. However, it feels like a crucial part to the continuin’ of this story.

Back in the Big City, Slow Rollin’ met with Little Lady n’ together they shared in that nice conversation that we already know just should not end. It was then, over a bit of late morning breakfast when our Little Lady knew she had it in for Slow Rollin’.

His appearances are certainly something to be spoken of, we have already mentioned his bright sunny day blue sky eyes. So pure of color that you might catch clouds rollin’ through em..

N’ he does have one of them nice country boy bodies. Broad shoulders and arms that show how he is used to working with his hands.

But, it was in the way that he Listened to her. How his strong manly body moved back in his chair to show how he shared in the pain as she told one of her own stories.

Something about this time together let her know that they were able to Communicate. A real rarity, for this Little Lady. She was stunned. It was as if he’d reached in and grabbed hold of her heart with his bare hands.

Now here she was flappin’ around like a fish outta water. Gasping for air.

Then off he went… 

(Presumably into the arms & bed of the Temptress).

: ) ( : 

Slow Rollin’ Cowboy

One day, a Slow Rollin’ Cowboy walked through the door. Wearin’ funny, country boy hair. Blonde, long on top, shaved on all sides.

His eyes were bright blue skies.

This is the right place, he exclaimed, staring at the  mountain surrounded by water yonic symbol placed above her bed.

How do you know my Friend? She asked the Traveler.

You mean my Friend, he responded.

They strolled into the city together as the evening rolled into twilight.


Not to say that it was either love or lust. What occurred was just enough, to spark a longing for more.

A Traveler.

Came & went.

Just like that.

Now this Little Lady has an extension to this story. For now however, this introduction will just have to do.

Cheers to you,

: ) ( : 

Tight Curves

Max gripped the seat sitting bear breasted as a rendition of the Pussy Wagon made its ascent up the Blue Ridge.

All too often she had been terrified as she rode along with this Midnight Rider. Your average vehicled race car driver.

Perhaps it was the booze. The stillness of the surroundings with its scenic views. Or, the complete lack of city traffic. But as she clung hard for dear life while they ripped around curves, fear was no where in sight.

: ) ( :