Drunk on Love leads to Hard Falls

The impatient patient slept soundly, with only a sheet for a blanket.

While Max sat, straight up– exhausted. Alone.

She wondered if he was cold beneath that hospital gown.

Love Struck is a boozy cocktail— so sugar coated that you fool yourself, into the “good idea” of having another.
Ignorant of tomorrow’s hangover.

Wearing thin, Max asked if it was necessary that someone (she) be there, in order to release him.
The Nurse was shocked by the question.
She assured Max, that she was doing her best to move his case forward.

Soon, you’ll be out the door.” She said.

Sure enough, this was true.

Three weeks later, Max was given the slip.
The formerly known “Mr. Persistent” straight dipped!!

While his gratitude for that institutionalized evening is yet to be enlisted.

So long– Good riddance.

Hard lessons prove the worthiness of one’s own Intuition.

: ) ( :


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