Max Meets a Dragon

Max stood up straight from her lean against the kitchen sink.

Stepping forward  she began to make her way through the dining room. After a few steps she stopped still turning slightly to look upon a wall of plants standing guard of a gritty window.

Their enduring presence soothed her.

She gazed out. Seeing how the light managed its way through the dirty windows to land upon the leaves.

Her Mother had given her all the tools needed to clean these windows. Alas, they may never be washed, she thought. Staring deeply into the world that sat quietly before her, still listening to the voice on the other line.

Sometimes becoming so ensconced in the visions of her mind that the room disappeared altogether .

She motioned towards the desk where upon the radio sat. Took a lap around the table then turned again to head back into the kitchen.

Hooked at the heart center by the stranger whose voice was speaking to her.

Wonderful, she said. See you then. Max’s index finger found a resting place in the center of the screen ending the call.

The Thunder Rolled out across the room through the radio waves.  She once again crossed through the dining room. Standing before the desk she opened the drawer on the left revealing a pack of cigarettes. Breathe said the voice in her head. Looking down at the pack that stared at her back. The two spent a moment locked in with one another. Squinting her eyes, she suddenly let out a bellowing sigh. Closing the drawer as she took a quarter turn towards the living room.

My life in 5 Chapters she thought.

Seeing the hole in the middle of the road doesn’t always keep one from falling in.

Fingers crossed that this tight rope walker is able to keep her balance.

: ) ( : 


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