Disappearing Desires


Cats claw constantly

Have their needs been met yet?

The same can be said for the wantings of a woman.

Max’s monumental emotions lurk in the shadows of her imaginary reality.

Making themselves known sometimes by ways that feel wildly crazy.

What appears on the surface is not always as it seems.

More often than not the surface level is simply a show room drawn together for the showing of visitors.

 Sculpture art on display for the public perception.

A pleasing Degas greets guests at the entre coaxing their shoulders down from up around their ears.

As above so below, however.

Peering past a person’s clothes can show you a lot about what you need to know.

Still, waiting in the shadows are those devilish desires who have nothing better to do than to haunt you!

Regardless of the calendar book these scoundrel’s can creep into the Mind and ruin an entirely productive afternoon.

What is it that you want?!

Meow!! Milk

Feed me. Comes the reply.

Alright then,

Good bye! 

: ) ( : 


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