Picture Day


On November 9, 2016 in room 108 of SAIC, Figure Modeling got on camera.


Interestingly enough, this Model runs from having her picture taken.

What she see’s after it’s been developed, has been for years, a little too truth telling about the health status of her physical body.

 Yesterday drudged up a hard realization of a long standing issue with candida.

Now, Ping Pong Sally has vowed to “cut it out.”

The sugar, the coffee, all the cigarette non-sense that’s been keeping her trapped in a constant state of pain.

This morning began with hot H20 followed by ACV. (Apple cider vinegar).

Extreme measures are naturally required in order to elevate away from a rutted path.

Now, with a new found sense of wellness, I’m ready for my close up!


: ) ( : 


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