Gee, You Are You


It has been said of me lately.

 “Gee, you are you!” 

The heat is on. The cross roads of the revolution passed by a week ago & still coffee cravings creep in on dry eyes that long for a quick pep before tears stream in to save them.

Party tobacco is hard to say no to. Leaving lungs gasping for air days later.

Booze is no better. One delicious sip leads to another. Days later my mind is wrought with regret for the self sabotaging behavior. 

One little bit of booze is about all it takes to light up this little dumpling. Words roll off the tongue whirling chaos into realities. 

How many people can tell this lady feels nervous? 


That’s true too. 

We are all our own greatest Teacher. Today, like yesterday, I consider what it takes to step into my Power. 

Even Jesus was human. Super human. Flawed like the rest of us. His historians chose to leave that chapter out.

 It would only cast a shadow of doubt, that our own demons may not be as worthy of demonizing as some religions would have us believing. 

Still, a ping pong attitude toward attunement keeps true attainment at bay. 

Today, also under the microscope is my own perceived “crazy.” Ophelia & I appear to have plenty in common. Accepting this realization brought upon the consideration that we both share the same ending as well. 

Hi-ho! Though.

The come back king is here to stay.

For now anyway. 

Just got wind of a sea change. 

: ) ( :


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