Slow Rollin # 3

Now, if you remember from before, Little Lady had takin’ a liking to this Slow Rollin’ Cowboy. When the Temptress down the street suddenly moved in.

Little Lady just so happens to be on any particular day the exact opposite of slow rollin’. Perhaps her being a city slicker explains the pace at which she walks down the street, even if it is on a Sunday.

Really though, she’s just a bit of a lightning bolt, who is learning how to take life slow. 

Just before meeting Mr. Slow Rollin’, Little Lady had taken on a fancy new title: Story Facilitator.

Yes! Little Lady decided that she has what it takes to continue Listenin’ to people tellin’ their stories. And to weave a road in which each Individual is able to then see themselves as the Hero.

Turning their story into one for the greater whole. More commonly referred to as myth or a metaphor.

One of the finer points to this story is that these two connected on the idea of story facilitating. Slow Rollin’ may even have helped her coin the term with his own lookin’ for someone to facilitate his. Being a man of Adventure Travel n’ all.

Which at first was mighty exciting…

It is true that on his first stop through Little Lady had already given her hand to another. As time would tell though, it is very important for Little Lady to take things slow, so she had to let that one go.

And, while it is also important for Little Lady to remain standin’ on her own.  Hearing Slow Rollin’ conceal his stayin’ with another without mentioning just who that Temptress was by name simply made her blood boil.


It’s also possible that Little Lady has the tendency to take a greater liking to the things that are just out of reach.

This has only been mentioned to her once or twice by a close Friend, so no one is for certain on the Truth of this matter. However, it feels like a crucial part to the continuin’ of this story.

Back in the Big City, Slow Rollin’ met with Little Lady n’ together they shared in that nice conversation that we already know just should not end. It was then, over a bit of late morning breakfast when our Little Lady knew she had it in for Slow Rollin’.

His appearances are certainly something to be spoken of, we have already mentioned his bright sunny day blue sky eyes. So pure of color that you might catch clouds rollin’ through em..

N’ he does have one of them nice country boy bodies. Broad shoulders and arms that show how he is used to working with his hands.

But, it was in the way that he Listened to her. How his strong manly body moved back in his chair to show how he shared in the pain as she told one of her own stories.

Something about this time together let her know that they were able to Communicate. A real rarity, for this Little Lady. She was stunned. It was as if he’d reached in and grabbed hold of her heart with his bare hands.

Now here she was flappin’ around like a fish outta water. Gasping for air.

Then off he went… 

(Presumably into the arms & bed of the Temptress).

: ) ( : 


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