Slowly Unrolling #2

Please read with a slow southern drawl: 

: ) ( : 

Given how rare it is to find oneself in conversation that just shouldn’t end. Especially, for a person whose used to Listening to other people tellin’ their stories.

Little Lady took a liking to this Slow Rollin’Cowboy.

Even if he did drive 25 miles an hour in the big city regardless of traffic or the speed limit– there was something about the time they shared together, and the ease of his company.

His being there unraveled her.

Emotions can have the tendency to get the best of this Little Lady. And she’s not proud to admit to the tune of her actions when stung by envy or jealousy.

You see, just down the street there lived another Lady. A Temptress of the first degree. Who for all intensive purposes, appears on the surface to have exactly everything that Little Lady does not.

So it only makes sense that our Slow Rollin’Cowboy would happen to meet this Temptress on his stop through the Enchanted Forrest once he’s parted ways with Little Lady.

Slow Rollin’must have got wind of these two ladies not having a liking for each other. ‘Cuz he sure was wise enough not to mention the other one by name when talking to Little Lady about where he’d be staying, on his was back through.

The Story Continues..

: ) ( : 



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