Slow Rollin’ Cowboy

One day, a Slow Rollin’ Cowboy walked through the door. Wearin’ funny, country boy hair. Blonde, long on top, shaved on all sides.

His eyes were bright blue skies.

This is the right place, he exclaimed, staring at the  mountain surrounded by water yonic symbol placed above her bed.

How do you know my Friend? She asked the Traveler.

You mean my Friend, he responded.

They strolled into the city together as the evening rolled into twilight.


Not to say that it was either love or lust. What occurred was just enough, to spark a longing for more.

A Traveler.

Came & went.

Just like that.

Now this Little Lady has an extension to this story. For now however, this introduction will just have to do.

Cheers to you,

: ) ( : 


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