Shared Sexual Fantasy

Dr. Pickett has explained how strong sexual attraction screams of karma.

Everything is laced with karma. According to Lynda Hill.

What is karma?

Unfinished business, basically.

A really good way of perceiving it is like this:

My karma is how I “respond” (more like react) to you. Your karma is how you respond i.e. react to me.

The test of time is for each of us to prove to ourselves that we can learn from life’s lessons. Success is defined by an improvement in our actions towards others.

Choose a different route.

How do we move through karma?

Like water.

The Grand Canyon wasn’t built in a day. Water still has the power to move mountains. And, it’s fluid!

While I sit here soaked. Dripping wet. From a morning spent lusting over a shared sexual fantasy. My own horny day dream.

That has me yelling
“Yes! Please. More, Jeffrey!!”

Each alone in our solitude we both reached the same conclusion.

His hands thick farmer man hands stroking me slowly.

Totally clothed he holds my bare body.   His movements make me yell so long & loud that the chickens respond with curiosity.

Oh! Jeffrey!!

As I sit poised with art students all around me, in my mind I am writhing uncontrollably.

He is thick. And attentive.

Only his hands touch me. Even when I beg him to fuck me. My pleas please him. His dark eyes smile brightly. He understands the brink of pleasure.

To ease my pain he licks & nibbles. I only wish to draw him in closer. Sit with me so that I may breathe you in deeply. His hands stay with me.  The sun shows through the window softly.

Breath begins to guide the movements.

His left arm holds me.

This is what Good Morning feels like.

How long has it been since I have felt safe enough to surrender to a man?


Slow steps is a necessary precaution.

Only fools rush in.

The alligator like the iceberg only shows the tip. Time is required to unearth & safely maneuver through what lies beneath.

Until then, our shared dream stands as a strong testament.

May all our dreams come true!

: ) ( :


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