Do you keep secrets? Clint asked, still standing at arms length. Far too distant for the sharing of secrets.

Keeping secrets is how people lie to themselves. Replied Max, honestly.

Again, he said, So do you keep secrets?

Max looked at the microphone in his hand, then to the water before coming up to meet his eyes, with silence.

Discovered that day lounging along with the tall grass looking  out into the abyss. Smoking an herbal cigarette.

Lobelia & mullein clean the lungs, especially when taken through the inhalation.

Max wore the look of a newsy Stevie Nix.

Later as she walked away Max considered what it meant to keep a secret.

Does it count to keep pieces of yourself private? Figure Modeling for example. The boys at the office had a hay day with that one. Lesson learned.

Do the ladies at the yoga studio have to know too?

Still, her honest answer was spot on. Max has secrets. And secrets are lies. Keeping them kept her smoking.


Nearly destroyed her.

Pluto pulled Persephone into the heart of the underworld. Holding here there, hostage. That’s what it’s like to live the life of a shame filled secret.

Dare not open your mouth to allow oxygen in. Secrets have wings & they will fly out with any chance they have!!

The life of a Liar. Made her a drinker too…

Max thought of this to herself as she strolled home. As she did, she kissed good bye to the worn out life of secrets and lies.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

: ) ( :

: ) ( :


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