I Touch Myself” on YouTube

I touch myself

Let’s call is self pleasure, to be safe.

For years, this Thor was plagued by a fear of her very own sexual organs & lady parts. They responded in kind.

Turning problems upside down for a new perspective… Sexual healing has been decided as the direct route to Prosperity.

Suddenly, there is a greater sense of inner vitality. And, a willingness to share my whole self completely.

Where what used to be “me” was kept under cover. From myself most importantly.

Frightening is how the demons act up to be let out. Then just as soon as the door is open for them to step outside, those same scary monsters become cuddly little bunnies.

Will continue to report my findings.

Watch as this blog may start showing signs of sappy romance sexual fantasies. 

*there is only one man for me.
Still, I dream…

( : )


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