Ooh! The steam,  how at a critical moment in my personal development came a curve ball out of left field… It rises

A true Gentleman whose life of leisurely activities made up the bulk of his resume. Full time Artist. Part time Lawyer. Actor & choir singer.

The invitation was to sail aboard the Friendship. Our maiden voyage however ignited had the enchantment of true conversation. How beautifully our different ideas of magic and mystery wove in and out from one another…

We had such chemistry! That the whole thing got amped up a level. Or four.

Like an antagonistic Mother, my Inner Guidance was strict in it’s instructions that NOTHING was to come of us. But who am I, if not a day dream believer being swept off to sea by the waves of my emotions.

Daydreams are the Devils story book.  

As one hopeful sighting fell short after another my heart went out to those aboard Noah’s Ark. Such yearning for the light of day, to end this wretched rain.

Lord don’t send me a dove if it isn’t True Love.

If only we had passed like ships in the night. On a side of town where it is clear by my garb that it’s true, I am just passing through.  Instead we locked eyes. He  even stopped and waited as I ducked in and out of an alley.

His hands are beautiful. A total don Juan.

He sailed in just long enough to let me know that there is only one person who can steer this ship. And, that’s me baby! It’s me.

Conflict is what happens on the way to compromise.  He said.

Oh, how our combination brought me to feel conflicted.

Happy to have learned the lesson. To have raised the bar. To see how well I am able to sail away from rocky waters. And, how courageous I am when it’s time to bring the ship   ashore  To have had the pleasure to be such a blessing in the Life of an already bright shiny star.



: ) ( :


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