Black and White

Rare are the opportunities that are cut and dry. 


Who wants to exist in a world that is only black and white anyhow? Especially, when there are 50 shades of gray with which to negotiate.

Mars is the planet of action. Driving force. Anger & Desire.

Tuesday is Mars Day. And, March is Mars Month.

Mars has co-rulership over my 3rd house. The House that has to do with thinking and community building.

Which is fun to be aware of while sitting pretty & still on all of the Tuesday’s in March for Lisa & Don who practiced painting privately.

Where as Mars activity would normally be considered athletic, or be seen as physical motions…

This presented the opportunity to get in touch with my own mental gear shifts. To get clear on whose in control when it’s time for me to make my own decisions. To test the percentage of my brain capacity beyond day dreams, worries, or to-do lists.

And, to practice my ability to stay put at a time that so calls for outward action!

Thank you!


: ) ( : 



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