Practicing Professionalism

*Initially Written in 2014, this stands as proof that Dreams do Come true!!

: ) ( :

product is considered a “tangible commodity.”

Every legitimate business deserves one.

Products are said to be a much easier sell than a service.

As a Figure Model, I am the Product.

Exceptional in the Art of Sitting Still.

My Goal is to work with a School.

Professionalism is a standard I strive towards. Figure Modeling is surely an outside of the box job. Still, it provides ample opportunity to up my game.

Modeling, is the route that I intend to follow in developing my Professional Practices.

As a Model I am required to to set-up my own schedule. To be on top of logistical timing and to commit to long term planning.

Punctuality is essential. Arrive early! On time is late.

I gotta take off my clothes before the bell rings.

Network. Network. Network.  The only way to get work is to show up, prove your worth and then be handed a list of contacts from the already well connected person in charge.

* I tried getting attention in all of the ways: cold calls, Mail Chimp styled emails, flyers that were directly placed in people’s mail boxes (at work),  nothing even got a little nibble.

Basically, this is a word of mouth biz.

Which is why it’s all the more important to keep up with correspondence.

Accounting for my multiple sources of income keeps me up on my bookkeeping skills.

And content! Oh the content. What a profession to be in to collect wonderful photo’s for my next posting.

This gig that teaches me how to be comfortable in my own skin, really has me increasing my levels of professionalism.

Alas, here I am finishing this post in the computer labs at the School of the Art Institute!


: ) ( : 



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