Rabid Dog & Lying About Love

You know, I’m ashamed to admit how well I can lie about my Love. A recent experience reminded me of how shady my own dark side can be…

First, love fell upon me.

 I love love!!

Regretfully, am always in search of it.

So when my senses lit up I shushed them in order to continue on my lovely way. Persuing “compatability.”

First there was  a romantic outing which made it so that my inner compass was speaking loudly. I chose instead to follow my desires over my inner knowings.

Then  awoke the next morning to his dick protruding inside of me.

Have you ever heard of the pride before the fall? It may not affect us all, but for me, it does.

I wanted to make it work. It was already Facebook official. I jumped in too quick & didn’t want to admit (even to myself) that I was in over my head. So, instead of leaving, I sucked it up, began to lie and pretended that I was still in love.

Putting in efforts to make it better. 

This went on for about a month!

Shame. Shame. Shame on me. For not listening. And, for lying.

Finally!! The courage has been mustered up to make a change in my reality.

In many ways, he was good to me. He just wasn’t good for me.

When you’re bit by a rabid dog you take it outside & shoot ’em!! Not this one. He’s much too lively. Couldn’t catch ’em. Even when I tried.

Smile Daily!

: ) ( :

**This is a be-lated post, written in early November 2015, that was left in the que until time deemed it ready to publish.


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