Ha!Ha! Hilarios Mars in Scorpio

Feel it to heal it 

They say that comedy is a great way to heal what ails ya.

That to laugh about something painful is a graceful way to identify with that which we normally keep buried far below where the light could ever reach it.

Mars in Scorpio is far from funny.

Mars is drive.  Mars’ placement in a chart says “Go there! Do that!”

Scorpio is emotions, sex, the occult, deep wounds, and other people’s money. 

Mars is strong in Scorpio:

It’s cunning. It’s stealth. It’s a sleuth. It’s a mastermind. It plays to win. It’s an undercover lover and extraordinarily potent and powerful protector.

Mars is the planet of action, will, assertion, bravery, brutality and pure energy. It owns the house it’s traveling through in your chart now, meaning that you’ll have extra energetic power to move within this domain of life. –Chani Nicholas 

Mars will be transiting through Scorpio from January 3rd, 2016 until Saturday March 5th. Already that’s an extended period of time to be spending in the underworld.

Welcome Winter! 

Then in April he will begin his retrograde which happens every 2(ish) years. Returning once again to Scorpio (this time for us to review our dark side) from May 28th until June 28th, 2016.

Wow! Whatta Spring this should be!!

Finally reaching Sagittarius once again on August 3rd. Giving us plenty of time to feel out, uproot & work out those issues which we’d typically turn away from. HOORAY!!

My natal Mars is sitting pretty in Scorpio holding hands with the signs co-ruler, Pluto. These two planets cradle my South Node. Which, for those of you interested in Astrology, is what I refer to as a trump card of a Ruling Planet.

Astro Jargon

South Node is paired with the North Node, both of which are in reference to the lunar points of the Moon.

The South Node indicates what we already have in plenty, are particularly good at, tend towards, or character traits that are deeply rooted within us.

The North Node is the flip side of that. It’s what we are working towards obtaining, having more of as a person, & this often points to where many of our life’s lessons come into play. Or, what we call in.

For example, my North Node is in Taurus, so I often find myself surrounded by people with this sign highlighted in their chart. Opposites attract. And, I get to learn by-proxy.

Ruling Planets are usually defined as the planet identified with your Rising Sign.

( :  Find yours here! By entering the Time, Date, Place of your birth. : ) 

As a Leo Rising, I can be quite bright & shiny. But with Pluto & Mars in their rightful home of Scorpio, there is also a tendency for me to also be quiet, often thought of as sexy even when I work to dress conservatively, or sharp at the tongue, if you happen to be so lucky.

Once I’d heard what this lady in the video posted below had to say about it, brought me to tears of laughter. Identifying with a pain point in myself at a time when no hurt was felt.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for identifying patterns.

By simply identifying with our personal patterns, we are able  to steer ourselves away from repeating them out of habit. It’s impossible to course correct an issue that is unconscious.

In order to pull out a weed, pour water on it. Loosen the soil.

Water is a categorical symbol for emotion. 

Mars traveling through water sign Scorpio is going to have us getting in touch with our emotions.

The entirety of this video posted below is well worth watching in order to buff up on Shadow. Kaypacha has been one of my teachers, his take on the transit is included as some extra fuel for the fire. A fire which will be burning through us for a large portion of this year.

Remember, feel it to heal it.

I am here to tell you that by allowing things to surface, that which we’d prefer to keep buried, is a much more pleasant of an experience than those caused by keeping it crammed deep down inside us.

Let it out,

: ) ( : 



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