Setting a precedent

When it comes to talking about sex, this Thor likes it! 

And, so have decided to explore it more fully on my more revealing landing site.

Today’s topic is on opening the door to physical intimacy & the assumption that the door remains open. 

Lunching with a Lovely Lady this afternoon brought up the conversation of a man’s unwillingness to relinquish physical intimacy status once it has been obtained.

In her case it was simply kissing. She had not opened the gates all the way. Although, to elaborate on the context  to say “simply kissing” is definitely demoting of the situation at hand. This particular male companion persistently attempts to get his kiss. Through all the various stages of their “relationship.” Even when their “relationship” was non-romantic. Talk about pushy.

My experience has been a bit different. Well, in my case we went all the way.

Which was a bit of a heroic tragedy on both our parts. He being married. (Except in my world the lines of “relationship” are often blurred so technically we weren’t trampling over sacred ground & in essence it was agreed upon…)

While we’re here I’d like to note that married men are really the ones you gotta watch out for! I’m talking to all you, Single Ladies in the room. Married men are consistently the most persistent!  Even when I don’t give them an inch to budge they continue to pursue. It’s ridiculous!! 

Any who, in my case with Mr. Married, I should start by taking a step back and admit that this whole Figure Modeling business plays a large part in my pursuit of Personal Power.

Will Power & Inner Strength, baaabay!

However, even after multiple “attempts” to shut down & shut out a man I no longer wish to be involved with (he is married after all). He still lets me know when he’d like to make a call. Interesting.

Similar experiences have played out on other sets as well. Like have you ever started sleeping with a man & then they think they can get it all the time!? Super lame. Sex isn’t even that good most of the time anyway.

This is a bit of a rant. So to end it: Men! Please, put a halt on your horrendous behavior. It’s embarrassing to your kind as a whole & quite the put-off. It’s


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