How to Protect Yourself


To a new facet of this site: Practical Magic!! 

As a highly sensitive being I find my self susceptible to other peoples energy. Which can be really draining. 

Taking on this stuff can make you feel depressed, depleting you spiritually, mentally & physically. One Friend was so lost to his own receptivity that this actually caused him to go crazy!!

So here are a few tools to use in order to protect yourself.

  1. Ground Down:  Best practice is done prior to entering a situation, i.e. a room, a party, as your leaving your house, etc… It’s also useful to do it again after the fact. (More on that).

Begin by imagining roots growing from your feet, poking through the earth and continue to imagine them growing all the way down into Earth’s core.

Once you’ve planted yourself there you are totally secure.

This should also assist you to focus on the present moment. Earth Mama can take alot of shit. Look at what we’ve done to her already. So don’t ever feel like there is anything that she can’t handle. She is always there to assist you.

Provided you are anything like me, you will find this technique beneficial in alleviating things that you’ve already taken in.

On Saturday’s, or any day where I don’t have to run off in the morning– I take the time to rehearse this practice.

2.  Ground Down & Release:  This time imagine the roots, for me this is seen as an energy, though when I first began it was the same as roots of trees. Always be sure the reach the Earth’s                core. This is very important!

Once you’ve reached that point, conjure up all of the things that are bothering you, push them out through your roots and give them away.

Be as specific or as vague as the situation calls for.  As these things enter your mind move them through your body. Pass them through your heart chakra to help burn up any remnants. 

This has become such a common practice that now it is like a waterfall of negative energy that passes through me. It makes me feel more energized afterward. Once this is complete I am ready to greet the day.

3. Figure Eights: Moving stuck energy can seem tricky! But it definitely doesn’t have to be. This technique is a quick pick-me-up!  For anytime. Or, used to assist in the energetic release.

    IMAGINE figure eights being drawn around your body.

As a Beginner drawing them with your finger may be another useful tool. Start with your feet. You can focus on one at a time or draw them larger through both. The first time I did this I thought it was crazy how I could actually feel the figure eights moving inside of my body! It totally works.

Welp! Here are three fantastic tools for your kit. I use all of these regularly. Feel free to get in touch with me about how they’re working out for you too!

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