My Body & Feeling Knotty

In Consideration of Love, Relations & Possession…

feeling knotty

Tied up in knots. Except I’m not! I Am!! Feeling the Love from the Bottom to the Top. : )

My boyfriend & I have been engaging in conversations about physical touch & the nuances of vulnerability that go hand in hand with boundary setting.

In this he declared,  your body is not mine!

 Ensuring me that as fulfilling as it is for him to oooh, touch me & call me his while sweetly giving kisses… He felt it necessary to positively reinforce how he has no possession over me.

Truly appreciated.

& Quite Right!

To my Lovely, I have this response.

Darling, you are right. This is my body. So it is for me to decide how it is treated& who gets to come near it.

You! My Darling, provide a touch that moves straight to my heart sending pulses throughout my enirety.

My heart sings out “You Are My Sunshine–”

Yes, it is my body. And, let me be clear that I want you touching me. Publicly!

It is my Body! And Boy!! You touch it oh! So, nicely…

Grab my booty bottom. And, please!! If anyone else but you tries to, you have my full permission: Step In.

This may be my body but without you it is aloof. Alone. Lacking in the wonderful sensations which only a Lover whose continual verbal conversions made with vulnerability can gain access to.

My Body comes secondary. While my Heart & my Soul are affirmatively alive with you! Which is why it is my desire to hand it over to you.

Prior to your arrival, there wasn’t even a contender.

Promiscuity nor polyamory honor my body. You, Lovely & you alone have given me what’s inside of you in such a way that allows me to surrender.

Only with you do I wish to share my orchestral of pleasures.

And, the Only One for whom I will take my clothes off in private.

: ) ( : 


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