Welcome, SAIC


Yesterday morning brought a whirlwind of activity.

Look at that back side!

Look at that back side!

Do you know why they call Chicago “the windy city”?

Because it’s windy!!

Rode south 12 miles to meet my arrival.

No matter which direction you ride in this town there is always a head wind.

My first official class after a six month hiatus had me feeling a bit nervous.

To top these jitters was the added bonus of my debut modeling for a group whom I might consider my peers.

Technically, I am still in my twenties. I learned however that not all twenty somethings are “peers” per say. I am nearing thirty and totally satisfied to leave behind the days of my early twenties.

H.R. set out a red tape maze for me to conquest before my one o’clock class.

Finally! For once in my life the i.d. picture they gave me is one that can be shown with pride!

Met Dear Friend, Michelle, beforehand. Sat in the damp grass & got our pretty dresses wet from the dew. EW!

Our reuniting is in perfect timing. For both of our lives.

She walked me to the building.  My new I.d. wasn’t sanctioned to open “the modeling closet.”

Nerves on high.

Must admit, before all of this I smoked a cigarette. The thing with that habit is that one is never enough.

It immediately breeds a wanting for more. You know what else might fill that gap my lungs are calling for?


Arrived early. As is my preference.

The significant difference in the bookends of the twenty somethings clearly defined by their physical features quickly made itself apparent as students filtered in.

It was time

Stepped onto the stage

Dropped my rosy robe

Stood still

Listened intently

My body was broken down

” Triangulations”

This feels fine

Just like old times!

Two boys in the class. Made sure to give them plenty of my 12 muggy mile chafed ass.

: ) ( :

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