Naked Girls Reading


Pretty in Pink:

All the different lip stick potentials...

All the different lip stick potentials…

Retiring from the world of Figure Modeling was a necessary step in order to honor my full-time day job.

Modeling brought me to understand the minute elements involved in Self Respect.

Interesting to note how in order to respect my self & my choices,  that it was necessary to walk away from the very thing that had shown the way. Sounds like Life!
Once the Full Time Day Job was no longer a thing I decided to celebrate a bit. By reading a loud naked…

Two Steps Back: Figure Modeling really is a practice in using my voice & claiming my power.

My name is CARLY! I am much more than just an object on a pedastal. Cross a line & I’ll let ya know. Speaking up is my duty. My job is in finding graceful ways to convey the message “Step back or I’ll bite your head off.” … : ) 

On with the story: my Friend Coelti, posted her up-coming Naked Lady Reading performance on Facebook. OOOH, I think on Tuesday. Luckily, I had visited the library earlier that day. My impulsiveness pushed past any fear I may have had as I took one more step forward in my own personal practice of Being Heard. 

Normally, make-up is not my thing. Definitely not in modeling. Especially for multiple day poses (which the bank book prefers) because whose to say you’ll do it again the same. Or, remember. Or, whatever. But since this was a fancy event I wanted to project my best self forward. So, make-up it is. Went out and for the first time in ughhh, who knows how long even, bought lip-stick.

Opted for a Fall color a few shades away from the blood red that seems to be in fashion.

Currently, I am very sorry to not have a photo for show. I was rockin!

Comparative analysis put me at ease about some of the areas on my body that previously I had judged way too harshly. YAY!
The night presented me with the opportunity to finally wear a silk kimono robe that had been purchased many moons ago. I felt my truest Shaman Self. A Goddess in her human form. SEXY! The crowd listened politely to their “How the Universe was Discovered” history lesson in iambic pentameter. Illuminating them on counter clockwise rotation of most things that exist within our solar system.

Speaking of Moons! This event took place on the Leo New Moon at 21 degrees. Conjunct my natal moon cusping my Horizon.

Oh, and!! I was Number One! Coelti Cakes took the cake i.e. she won! But I was number one.

Ripped that band aid right off. Publicly asked to keep my number as a memento. Lady MC loved that.

As an ice breaker I announced how I forgot my glasses once it was my turn to present.

Lady MC looked startled and said “Oh! Can we run and get them for you?”

They were right there with me in my pocket. Of course,

just had to make the announcement as I stood up to grab

for one of the four pockets

in my rockin’ robe

Let the sweat begin to drip

In streams

down from my pits

before finally


then fitting

my glasses to my face

& returning to my place.

A Splendid Introduction!  

: ) ( : 


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