Halstead School of Portrait & Figure Art

The onset of my 6 hour sitting at the Halstead School of Portrait & Figure Art seemed the same as any other.

One very notable difference is how wide the participants varied. Usually it’s a group of middle aged woman with one or two gentleman. In most cases it’s always folks of the same generation and apparent economic status. These individual groups may vary as to who actually occupies them. Sometimes it’s Russian’s other times it’s a bunch of dudes who just like to draw.

This Saturday however brought to me a potpourri of people– they were all different. Hardly any two were alike. In age,wpid-img_20150411_120009_058-1.jpg race, or whatever else qualifies as a classifier. Not to be categorical, but it’s good reporting to note the difference that existed within my audience in Richard Halstead’s class.

Upon entering I was reminded that this gig was a referral given without credentials when Richard Halstead looked at me & exclaimed” Great Face!” Yay!!

Being a Figure Model has its ups and downs. This seating was not particularly the most pleasant. Partly due to a strong case of monkey mind. Second to a disagreement between Richard & the monitor as to exactly what degree my head should be tilting.

Afterward however, I was able to demonstrate my truest skill, pleasing people.

By the end of the day I was finally able to get my head straight.* : )

Some light hearted conversation and constructive discussion is guaranteed to help us move forward from a pleasant position once we reconvene next week.

: ) ( :



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