So– take my clothes off? Max asked.

Yes, that’s right. Responded, Tom.

Okay. She said.

And, so it was.

On Sunday, November 3rd, 2013—    the bright sun’s shine cut through a crisp autumn air.

Max stood tall preparing to present her own dairy air. She felt penetrated by the eyes of a crowd, seven small.

She considered how, behind those warm solar rays, sat a pregnant moon. Blazing through the sultry underworld sign of, Scorpio.   Ruler of the taboo.

A red Pendelton landed on the floor as her arms raised upward.

Baring it all, Max stepped forward. Beads of sweat rushing downward.

Courage is not a lack a fear.

Feel the fear and push through it. 

: ) ( : 


Pre-College Oil Painting @ SAIC, 2-Day Pose

“Young Adults” are my favorite category of people to work with. Those who are just about to enter college, or are in the latter years of High School, are so– curious! And, willing to act upon it!!

Not to rag on the “New Adults” whom I find myself in the classroom most often. There’s something about the tipping point of college that makes the setting more serious. I’ve definitely found some gold in there too. But suddenly they’re all way less willing to approach.

Whereas Young Adults, will jump over to me with questions and conversation.

This is my job! & I love it..

: )  ( : 



Sometimes stepping into the flames is simply, sitting still, in front of the camera.

As a woman who has posed nude for four years now– I have shunned the idea of ever having to take a picture.

Pained by the harsh realities, reflected in my face. Feeling that in every shot I looked chubby, out of shape, and un-pretty.

Not so much anymore, thanks to this steadfast stare.

Now, here is Portrait Proof that at least, I can handle the heat.

 : ) ( : 

Drunk on Love leads to Hard Falls

The impatient patient slept soundly, with only a sheet for a blanket.

While Max sat, straight up– exhausted. Alone.

She wondered if he was cold beneath that hospital gown.

Love Struck is a boozy cocktail— so sugar coated that you fool yourself, into the “good idea” of having another.
Ignorant of tomorrow’s hangover.

Wearing thin, Max asked if it was necessary that someone (she) be there, in order to release him.
The Nurse was shocked by the question.
She assured Max, that she was doing her best to move his case forward.

Soon, you’ll be out the door.” She said.

Sure enough, this was true.

Three weeks later, Max was given the slip.
The formerly known “Mr. Persistent” straight dipped!!

While his gratitude for that institutionalized evening is yet to be enlisted.

So long– Good riddance.

Hard lessons prove the worthiness of one’s own Intuition.

: ) ( :

Capricorn Full Moon @ 17 Degrees

A repressed woman finds psychological release in nudism.

Sabian Symbols are a favored aspect to Astrology– they draw a visual picture of what’s being called to attention in a chart.

How shocked was I to find that the Capricorn Full Moon– the lunation that lit up my own Sun Sign, was on a degree which spoke directly to me.

Lately, This Thor has been digging the snippet sized posts. So, to keep it short, while I was definitely aware of the need to do the work– as a Capricorn this spotlight shined a reminder on how I still keep a lid on what would better be released.

Look out for a long winded…

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Totem Carly


The Intuitive Direction, of young artistic women, is certainly amazing.

This particular picture, however,– a group effort, is oh! so suiting.

Carly the Capricorn.   Malleable like an octopus.

Pisces rules the feet, because it’s important that we remain grounded in our Spirituality.

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Nasty Women

Over 1,300 people lined up and waited throughout the evening, just to enter the building, of Moonlight Studios, on May 5th, 2017.

All in favor of supporting Planned Parenthood– a public response to the recent change in political climate.

A few months prior to that, This Model, answered a Craiglist ad– opening a door to an evening of “tasteful nude” photography. Emphasizing the female form.

Hanging out nakey with a crew of similarly aged ladies was right up my alley!

Kara Wackrow is the Lovely & Talented Photographer.

It was so much fun!!

: ) ( :